Food for thought

BANANAS / They protect the body against infections such as flu and cold. They are good for stomach protection. They regulate digestive disorders. They lower cholesterol and high pressure levels in the blood. They support the development of the bones and give energy. They allow the brain to produce serotonin. They calm the nervous system and are good for stress reduction. They are rich in potassium which helps against constipation. They make it easy for people to lose weight by giving a feeling of fullness.

WALNUTS / The benefits of walnuts, which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, are balancing the cholesterol, providing cardiovascular health, strengthening bones and the development of children’s intelligence. Walnuts are very beneficial for the human skin. Their benefits to the brain are also precious. Served as an antidepressant especially in combating stress, walnuts help those with sleeping problems. Eating walnuts, which contain tryptophan, before going to bed may help with solving your sleeping problems.

WHEAT GERM / As one of the most precious foods of nature, germ is the embryo, the vibrant part of the wheat which is its most vital part. It’s high in fiber, and is a nutrient that gives a feeling of fullness. From 1 ton of wheat only 1 kg of germ can be obtained. Wheat germ is a natural source of minerals and vitamins. So, it protects cardiovascular health, nerve and digestive systems while also helping with weight control, lowering cholesterol, and the development of muscles, the growth of children, increasing resistance to diseases, having healthy skin, hair and eyes.

CINNAMON / Cinnamon, which is rich in dietary fiber, helps people to feel full for longer periods of time after a meal. Following the research on cinnamon’s effects on weight loss, researchers have found that this special spice helps to balance blood sugar levels. It’s known that the fluctuations in blood sugar levels increase the amount of storage of the fat gained from foods that we eat.

BLUEBERRIES / Blueberries balance blood sugar, maintain brain health and are strong fighters against an increasingly threatening Alzheimer’s disease. Blueberries have the property of lowering LDL cholesterol levels thanks to the fact that they have high amounts of fiber and antioxidants in them. Thus, they help to maintain heart health, protect against cancer and are natural antidepressants.

ALMONDS / They are high in protein, iron and calcium. They help increase a breastfeeding mother’s milk supply and improve a newborn child’s development. The oils they naturally contain help people to lose weight more easily and keep hunger at bay. While they resolve the fatigue of the body and mind, they kill the kidney, bladder and reproductive tract infections. The fatty acids and enzymes they contain provide protection against cardiovascular diseases.

CURRANTS / They provide collagene for the body, protein and elasticity for the skin, and are sources of health and smoothness of the skin. They are very helpful against the damage caused by UV lights on the skin and work as neutralizers. They prevent varicose veins. They also have antibacterial properties.

COCOA / Cocoa, aka ‘food of the gods’, provides more oxygen to the brain as it naturally has “flavonol” in it. It lowers bad cholesterol. It also contains potassium which is the most beneficial element in this food in fighting against stress. The antioxidants it contains play a major part in fighting against cancer. As a rich source of calcium, cocoa helps with the development of strong bones. It strengthens the heart. It contains a lot of copper which helps with the absorption of iron.

COCONUTS / They are a good source of fiber. They contain a lot of protein and unsaturated fats. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. They balance diabetes and cholesterol levels, boost the immune system and help with cravings. They are good for pregnant women as they improve the immune systems of both the mother and the baby.